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The new Yamaha 200 HP EFI (F200XB) outboard engine has a 4-stroke and quiet and powerful 4-cylinder fuel injection engine. The engine is an extra long shaft with power trim and is electrically started.

This Yamaha 200 HP EFI outboard engine comes complete with remote control, wiring and multifunction gauge. You will also receive a 6-year warranty if you buy this engine. We are an official Yamaha dealer.

First-season warranty as standard


Yamaha 200 HP EFI For Sale

200 HP
Shaft length
Extra long shaft (25′)

Not sure what shaft length you need? First measure the transom height of your boat. You can keep the following distribution:
± 43cm: short shaft
± 51cm: long shaft
± 63cm: extra long shaft

Remote control

The required steering depends on the type of boat you have.
When operating the motor by hand, you need a motor with a baton control.
Select a remote control engine if you are controlling the engine remotely in the boat a steering wheel or rudder.

Starter system
Electrically started

With Powertrim you can use Convenient push buttons easily adjust the trim angle of your engine. An optimal trim angle provides improved acceleration, speed and stable boat position.

High Thrust motor

High thrust motors have larger propellers with a small blade angle that give you extra thrust and make maneuvering easier. Ideal for sailing and fishing boats!

Fuel tank


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